A walk in the spring garden...continued

Are you interested in seeing more of our overgrown garden? Okay, let's go!

The bronze fennel is nice and bushy. It will grow taller and go to seed at the end of summer. Lots of very fragrant seeds to be harvested!
A really great vegetable that we have grown for the first time, but will now become a regular in our winter garden - purple sprouting broccoli. It develops small, individual florets and you pick as many as you need. And then new ones will develop along the stem. Brilliant stuff! (Unfortunately, you can't see the florets will in this photo.)
Globe artichokes. Stunning foliage! Soon we'll be eating artichoke hearts. Yum, yum.
Our cherries are flowering madly. We are hoping to eat our own cherries this season. Here we have 'Sunburst'. Still a young tree but with lots of flowers.Granny Smith. She's a grand old lady and keeps producing delicious apples every year. The grass is very high around her, but hopefully we'll be able to slot in a brushcutting session soon.That's it, folks! Unless you are interested in walking around a bit more in our garden.


Green Lane Allotments said...

We grow globe artichokes but never eat them. The bees adore the flowers!

Veggie Gnome said...

Yes, aren't the flowers just gorgeous!? We never eat all the artichokes, so that we can enjoy the flowers later in the season. :)

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