Miner's lettuce

This little beauty is starting to flower, too.
It is great to have this plant in the garden. I let it go to seed in spring and with the first good rain in autumn it starts popping up everywhere.
Great ground cover, but most importantly, great addition to salads! Just what you need in winter.


Umatji said...

looks great - do you have seed or can you grow from a pulled up handful? How could I get some?

Veggie Gnome said...

I don't have any seeds - but could save some, if you are really keen. You could probably grow some from a few pulled up plants, too. But not sure how they'd fare now that they are 'on their way out'.

There are also online seed places that sell seeds for it.

If you are really, really keen to get your hands on some seeds, send me an email (go to The Mad Gnomes Strike Again blog, the email address is there.), and we might be able to arrange something.

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