Plum flowers

The plum trees are starting to flower now! Let's see what the plums taste like this year. Every year seems to be different. Last year they were rather bland, the other year they were super-sweet, and another year they were mealy and disgusting.
All this, despite the fact that they get the same feed every year - a good dose of compost, blood & bone, potash and a thick layer of mulch.

Let's enjoy the flowers first. :)


Green Lane Allotments said...

It's strange thinking of you with plum blossom when theleaves are falling from our trees

lbc flower delivery philippines said...

Pretty plum flower! I like it. Thanks for sharing.


flower Philippines said...

Oh! I love those beautiful flowers so colorful. I also try to collect flowers and put it in a cute vase. I enjoyed reading your article. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.


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