Home-made bacon

You won't believe how easy it is to make your own bacon!

Get yourself a piece of free-range (organic) pork belly.

You can use just plain salt, or add spices of your choice (pepper, chilli, rosemary, etc.). Or make a mixture of half salt, half sugar.
Rub your pork belly very well with your preferred salt (mixture).

Place in a glass or plastic container with a lid. Put in fridge. Leave for 24 hours.
After that you will see the salt is pretty much liquid.
Pour off, rinse and dry container and rub the pork belly well with salt again.

Continue to do so for 5-8 days. When it is firm to the touch, it is ready. Rinse off salt, dry and keep in a covered container in your fridge.
It may be a bit salty, but if you use it sparingly and together with free-range eggs or in some other cooking, it'll be fantastic! We will be experimenting with the salt/sugar mixture - this might make the bacon less salty.

Good luck!


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