Eating and growing your own veggies

I find it extremely satisfying to grow our own vegetables. What joy to go out in the garden and harvest vegetables ready for the table or the pot.

The purple cauliflower is slowly getting ready. It's such a great winter vegetable!

There are always spring onions growing. I just cut them off at ground level and they re-grow. And I always let some go to seed so there are self-sown spring onions all year round.
The baby swedes and their tops are just gorgeous in a stir-fry or soup.

There is one chilli bush growing in a fairly protected spot and it even survives our cold winters. So once in a while I still get to harvest a chilli.

So, this is for tonight's tea. Sautéed vegetables served with quinoa maybe? Or any other suggestions? I could harvest a few carrots to give the dish more colour.


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