Vegetable flowers

With much of my property turned over to the production of fruit and vegetables for the kitchen table, I find myself increasingly bedazzled by the magnificent flower displays in some gardens that I pass on my walk to work. While showy displays of almond, peach and cherry trees in late winter compensate somewhat, one must look more carefully to find the beauty inherent in a flowering vegetable garden. Here are some of the photos collected over the past decade: -

Sunflower - giant russian - open head Sunflower – Giant Russian

Cucumber - burbless - flower and growing tip Cucumber - Burpless

Potato flower of white potato Potato - white

Watermelon flower with bee Watermelon

Radish - French Breakfast - flowers Radish – French Breakfast

Egg-plant - flowers Eggplant – Black Jack

Bean - dwarf - flowers Bean - Dwarf

Pumpkin flower - female with two bees Pumpkin – Butternut (female flower)

Basil - purple flower and green leaves Basil - Cinnamon

Basil - sweet - flowering Basil - Sweet

New zuccini flowers Zucchini

Zuccini Zucchini

Leek Leek

Thyme Thyme

Tomatos Tomato

Carrot flower Carrot


holiday flowers said...

When it comes to health and natural food, i always prefer eating vegetables from my own garde!

Sam Lucas said...

Flowers in the vegetable garden are becoming a common sight, especially marigolds. While marigolds are useful they aren't edible, there are some edible flowers which also make good additions to the garden. I'm going to be talking about sunflowers, borage, and nasturtiums.

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