First apples of the season

Galas. Super juicy, sweet and crisp. Absolutely delicious.

This year's crop is just great. Hardly any blemishes. Good size. And quite a few off the tree. The rain moved in, so we had to stop picking. So, two great things at the same time - apples and rain. (It's been an incredibly dry summer, so rain is an exciting and very rare event at the moment.)
Excuse me, I have to go and eat another apple! :)


TukangKebun said...

Hi Veggie Gnome and Berry Gnome miss you both. Sorry could not inform you and it was a sudden decision to return. Moreover, we had a new addition in the family just before we went home. I still could not give comments to your Mad Gnome blog don't know why. Ah juicy apples yum the best fresh home grown ones. Hey I brought back the tree onion bulbs, iris and daffy back with me. Daffy in the crisper. Iris growing well. Tree onions produce bulbs too.

TukangKebun said...

Do come and visit us when you fly to KL. Kita Makan-makan.

Dewberry said...

Your apples look so delicious! I'd eat a whole basket of them! :)

Veggie Gnome said...

Diana, I was sorry to hear that you had left us! But happy for your new addition and being back home. Must be lovely!
Sure, if we ever go to KL, we'll definitely go makan-makan. Glad to hear you brought a bit of South Australia home. :)

Dew, that's what we usually do. They sit on the kitchen bench, and we keep eating them throughout the day.

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