Striped Turkish Monastery

Yes. There is such a thing.
And it is a tomato!

Here it is.
Very pretty, don't you think? Tasty, too.

We are picking the odd tomato here and there. The weather was a bit extreme for the garden (stinking hot, etc....) so now with the milder weather we hope it will recover and finally give us something to harvest. How is your garden doing?


Dewberry said...

its skin resembles the tiger's skin :) Very nice!

Enchanted Moments said...

oh lovely....I have planted some green ones that are meant to have skin like that, ...all my plants are enjoying a respite from this delirious heat...the tomatoes are shooting green maybe the fruit will keep coming...just netted my peach tree and wont be long before I get to eat my very first crop of peaches...

Andrew said...

Some strange and wonderful varieties growing up at your place; must be time for some seed-swapping, I reckon

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