This was the first year our jostaberry bushes have yielded enough berries to experiment with jostaberry jelly. I rather like the fruit. It is a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry. And you can taste both fruit in the one berry. Really nice.
It is also a very hardy plant, easy to grow and near maintenance-free. But I decided that come autumn or spring, I will give it a bit of TLC (weed around the plants, give it a layer of compost, some fertilizer, a layer of mulch and even some water come fruiting time). This may give an even bigger yield, and maybe even bigger fruit. We shall see.


Mick said...

I've got a jostaberry (I'm in Happy Valley, South of Adelaide). After buying on a whim, planting and researching, I haven't held much hope of producing anything. Good to see you got a few fruit. I was going to dig it up, but I might wait a year or 2 now. I just want to grow at least 1 berry to see what it tastes like.

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