Pizza from a kitchen garden

One simple way to have ‘fast food’ while eating from a kitchen garden is to make and freeze pizza during the autumn harvest.


Recipes for pizza, dough and bread-making abound, and so are not to be found here…


Our pizza-making methods differ in only a couple of ways; firstly, we grind the flour fresh using spelt grain, and secondly, we use ‘pizza stones’ for some of the pizzas (the round ones) to simulate the wood-fired oven taste of pizza when constrained to use a standard electric oven. The ‘pizza stones’ (white circular platters in the centre of the table above) are pre-heated before the shaped dough is dropped onto them.

The rectangular pizzas are made in ordinary flat baking trays. We use ‘pizza scissors’ (centre right, above) to cut the pizza into pieces for storage – this is a quicker method for thick-crusted pizzas than the cutting wheel method.

While the meat, cheese and flour grain have to be purchased in for pizzas, home-grown tomatoes, onions, garlic, chillies, olives, basil, rocket and capsicums add much of the flavour in sauce and toppings.


Cianoy said...

Hello there! Just checking out other sweet basil entries. I just kinda started taking care of one myself. I'm looking for many ways to eat it. Pizza certainly goes on top of my list.

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