Autumn produce from an Adelaide Kitchen Garden

Today we’re off to visit friends in the Adelaide Hills, so there’s just time for a quick whip-around the garden to pick up a few fresh vegetables to take along as a small personal gift from an Adelaide Kitchen Garden…


Those pumpkins on the left are the sweet long-lasting Butternuts that we’ll be eating all through winter and into spring in soups and dips. The big orange vegetable is just a cucumber that’s been left on the vine for seed production, while the long white root vegetable down the back is a Daikon radish – a Japanese variety that doesn’t get ‘woody’ no matter how long it stays in the ground.


Up close, and clockwise from the top, are white-streaked eggplants, Daikon radish, lemon balm and sweet basil, Italian parsley, yellow capsicum, lemons, Golden Sunrise tomatoes, a mix of various chillies and dried seed pods of the German Lazy Wife bean – a very productive climbing bean given as a gift from one seed-saver to another.


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