Pumpkin-picking Sunday

One of the simple pleasures of autumn is the bringing-in of the pumpkin crop.


The chooks are happy too – they get turned into this patch – closed to them since the crop was planted six months ago – to work their way through the old mulch in their search for insect snacks.


imageWithin half-an-hour, this healthy crop has been placed into cake-trays on a shelf in the workshop, with the smaller ones set aside for our four-month-old granddaughter, who is just discovering the taste of vegetables for the first time.

These butternut pumpkins are sweet-tasting, long-lasting and easily peeled.

imageThey are neither as decorative nor as large as many other varieties that I have grown in the past, but I have settled for what suits the kitchen.

They will last us until well into Spring, to that new season when fresh food is once again available.



Sylv said...

Hi Andrew,

Where are you? I hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, We miss your fabulous posts and pictures. Do hope you will let us know how you are! Leona

franinoz said...

Nearly a year since your last post. I would like to thank you for the useful and interesting posts you've given us over the years and hope that all your wisdom will remain accessible to us.

Ron Tan said...

Really enjoy reading your blogs, so much to learn from you.

Membuat Pupuk Organik dari Kotoran Sapi said...

wah, it turn out pretty that I just thought it's a wooden stuff you made...

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