Shade House

Summer has struck with a vengeance. 42C are forecast today.
Even when the plants receive enough water (not always the case around here), the sun can burn some of the bigger-leaved plants.

These shade houses are easy and quick to put up. They are also very quick to dismantle, and can therefore be as temporary or permanent as you want them to be.
Take a length of light-weight rebar, push one end into the ground, then form a tunnel and push the other end into the ground. Put some shade cloth over the structure. Tada!


Andrew said...

Not just 42C but bushfires in the hills all around you - keep a sharp lookout. Thinking of you both (from down on the plains)

Veggie Gnome said...

Andrew, we are keeping our eyes peeled. All calm at the moment. All systems checked and ready to go. We are safe. Might have a long night ahead, though.

Congratulations, Grandpa! Baby looks cute. :)

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