Winter gifts from the garden

One of the few barometers a garden has is the ability to deliver ‘on demand’.

P1050354And so it was this weekend – the first since planting-out finished a week ago – when fate conspired to boost social demands upon cook and gardener just as gardening demands finally began to wind down.

“A fortieth birthday party – we’re invited!” says cook to gardener.

So the gardener forages about while the cook delivers on her promise to join the ladies in Pilates/stretching/yoga to start the birthday off.

Without driving anywhere the gardener does his own stretching, bending, kneeling, cutting, lifting and produces a gift basket containing

  1. carrots
  2. garlic
  3. sunflower blooms and decorative chilli sprigs
  4. curly-leafed parsley
  5. grapefruit
  6. chocolate capsicums
  7. oranges
  8. lemons
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. Royal oak-leaf lettuce
  11. spring onions
  12. celery
  13. broad-bean seed
  14. butternut pumpkin
  15. basil and
  16. assorted chillies



Dewberry said...

Great gift! :) Such moments are worth living!

Sylv said...

What a great present! I so enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to seeing if there's a new post every time I go on my computer.
I was wondering - do you ever have open garden days? I would love to see your working garden in person since I've read so much about it. I hope you do one day.
Thank you for continuing to take the time to post about your gardening adventures. I really appreciate it.

Andrew said...

Hi Sylvia
Thanks for your kind comments - it's a gardening life!
If you live in or near Adelaide, this garden will be opened as part of a Garden Tour folks in the eastern suburbs sometime in July or August, or just as soon as I can get it organised with the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia.
Drop me a line with contact details at and I'll let you know when.
Cheers for now

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