The seeds and seedlings of Spring

Once again, the leafing of our chestnut tree signals ‘seed planting time’ – soil temperatures have risen and night time temperatures are also warming.


The seed collection down the back shed has been boosted by some rare old heritage open-pollinated seeds purchased in from Eden Seeds in Queensland. Purple tiger chillies, chocolate capsicums, Daikon radish, Syrian cucumbers, ‘freckles’ cos lettuce and triamble pumpkin will take their place in the garden next to the other varieties being planted out at this time of year. 29 new varieties join the seed saving club down the back shed, all for the expenditure of $100, including postage.

P1030409With so many seeds to plant out into seed trays, the existing seed table is too small, so the gardener fashions yet another one from stuff only he values and hoards – bee boxes, old camp stools, a strong welded steel ladder, cake trays and house bricks. Potting soil is sieved from an area where the hens have been scratching and pooping diligently for the past six months; it’s not potting mix, but it works just fine.

Now for all those seed that need to be planted directly; pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, radishes, carrots... It’s fun and relaxing.



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