First planting session...


I planted the first tomatoes today. I managed to squeeze in 10 plants per bed. They may be a bit close together, but let's hope for the best. (I always plant them a bit close together, it seems to have become a spring ritual, I'm afraid.)

There are stardroppers at either end of the beds, plus one in the middle. Later in the season, when the plants grow bigger, I'll use some twine to weave it around them - called 'Florida Weave' - and that tucks them in nicely.
I also started on the other summer vegetables. Zucchini (Golden Summer Crookneck), cucumbers (Armenian), okra (Burgundy) and tomatillos.

There are still quite a few plants left to be planted, but one day at a time! How are you going with your spring planting? :)


Veronicali said...

Mine went in a month ago from bought seedlings, and I've sown some seeds as well for later. I need more stakes! What varieties have you planted?
Dwarf beans coming along nicely too :)

Paul - The Kind Little Blogger said...

I think you have tomatoes figured out pretty well. Our first planting season, last year, we planted 4 in a small rectangular planter box on the balcony. Crowding + lack of sun still resulted in a fair harvest. Whodathunkit?

Veggie Gnome said...

Veronicali, well done! You can't have too many tomatoes. Stakes are always lacking, aren't they?
I planted heaps of different varieties, but haven't finished yet, so haven't finalised the list (actually, to be honest, I just grabbed any of the tomatoes out of my 'to-be-planted'-box. So I'll have to write down what I've actually planted. Very organised, aren't I?!

Veggie Gnome said...

Paul, tomatoes are actually pretty forgiving plants. And the less you fuss, the happier they are. (At least at our place.) So happy you got a good harvest! Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

My tomatoes are big and strong waiting to go into their garden bed. But I'd be interested to hear about this Florida Weave? As we have had some real trouble with wind here in the Adelaide Hills the last few months, and everything I did to support and tie up my broad beans failed miserably!

Veggie Gnome said...

Cassandramadge, sorry for the late reply. There are great tutorials on Florida Weave on youtube. It's really easy.
With broadbeans, I had 4 stardroppers at each corner of the bed, then baling twine around them. That kept them - sort of - tidied up. They are quite unruly.
The Florida Weave tidies up the tomatoes nicely. :)

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