Smoked Coorong mullet and garden salad

As the heat of an Australian summer builds, with temperatures in the high 30’s and low 40’s (107degF), even gardeners avoid the garden just after midday, tending to hang out in the kitchen making simple meals while the cook sits around wondering why she ever emigrated from Europe…

Fortunately, some compensation can be found in the profundity of the garden as various crops come booming in; salads containing fresh tomatoes, capsicums, sliced red onion, pickled olives from last year, fresh basil and rocket leaves plus sliced cheese from the Adelaide Central Market, along with olive oil and apple vinegar dressing, fall into the category of ‘meals husbands can make!’.

Fresh garden salad makes a pleasant side dish to smoked Coorong Mullet and a glass of ice-cold beer

Cold beer for thirst, and smoked Coorong Mullet for protein, finish off this simple South Australian ‘ploughman’s lunch’.


cathy@home said...

Looks tasty and I like a ploughmans lunch.

becky3086 said...

Looks very good. Hope my garden does as well this year.

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