Eat your nettles!

They are good for you.

Grab a handful of stinging nettles (make sure you wear gloves!).
Wash them. I took them off the main stem.

Sauté in butter, garlic and onion. Throw in a potato cut into cubes, together with your nettles. Sweat a bit. Not you. The ingredients in the pan. Then pour in some good stock.

Cover, let simmer away.

Blend with whatever gadget you have handy.

The colour is not as vibrant green as I wanted it. But I blame the potato and cream that I poured in. And I could have put more nettles in, but I was hungry and wanted to get on with it.
If desired, serve with a bit of parmesan. Or a drizzle of good olive oil. Or whatever you desire.
It's delicious! Oh, and the nettles do lose their sting when cooked. :)


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

I spent so many childhood summers looking for burdock to rub on my stinging nettle stings! Still can't think of eating them fir fear of that icky feeling on my tongue! Will take your word that it's delicious though :)

Andrew said...

We too eat our nettles, which means we have to grow them, which means we have to have them in the garden, which means I get stung while weeding around them. Just brushing them with the back of the hand leaves a painful rash...
I've learnt that just rubbing the stung area with a handful of soil takes away the pain, though you wind up looking like a pig fresh from its wallow!

Veggie Gnome said...

Eating the nettles that sting you is the best revenge!

When we were kids we had stinging nettle battles. Ouch! We learned to run fast and/or to budge the nettle-wielding hands of the opponent(s).

Now I'm craving nettle pesto. See you later! :)

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