Saving eggplant seed

Ever wonder how to get those seeds out of the soft rubbery flesh of an eggplant without going crazy? I found the answer to this in the Seed Savers Handbook by Michel and Jude Fanton – the bible for Australian seed savers.

First, dice the bottom half of each eggplant you have selected for seed into 1cm cubes (seeds are to be found mostly in the ‘fat end’ of eggplants).


Pour these into a slow blender with a cup or two of water, then whizz slowly until it turns to slush. The seeds settle to the bottom, while the slush floats and can be poured off. It’s that easy!



DSCN0009Pour the seed out onto brown paper to dry in the shade, then store in tins or jars for planting out in the seed beds next spring.



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